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Ilam Thendral brings the best community talent for charity!

Ilam Thendral is a premier fundraising program organized by Anbaalayam every year. Anbaalayam was founded in 2008 to help needy families, differently-abled people, and single mothers. The organisation also focuses on children's education through child sponsorship. 

Ilam Thendral event is also one of the Anbaalayam’s several projects. The funds collected through this event are used to help the children who were affected in the North, East, and Central parts of the island of Sri Lanka during the civil war. 

The event showcases the best community talent, who come together and volunteer their time to make this remarkable live musical event possible and a great success. Several businesses also support and sponsor the musical gala night. 

More than 800 people attend the Ilam Thendral event annually, and if you are also interested in being a part of this show, book your ticket here. The event is in a few days, so be on time to book your ticket; otherwise, you will miss the chance to participate in this musical night!

Ilam Thendral Event: Time and Location
  • Timings: 6:00 pm to 10:pm on 06 April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Location: C3 Church Hall, 108 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia

Where To Buy Tickets For Ilam Thendral Event?

EventBoss is the leading Tamil event ticket company in Australia. The company not only owns a dedicated event ticket-selling portal but also enlists all the upcoming events in the town. So, what are you looking for? 

Go and book your tickets with EventBoss and enjoy a smooth book experience! And, for our ease, here we have mentioned the ticket prices for the Ilam Thendral event: Single $30, reserve $50 and family $70 So be a part of this beautiful event for a good cause!

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